Help me find a Speedy in Azur?...please

  1. Does anyone know about the availability of the Speedy 25 or 30 in Azur. Thanks!
  2. Have you tried calling 1866 vuitton?? they can locate the bags for you as long as you give them your CC.. Good luck..
  3. Good luck in your search!
  4. I had to be put on a "waitlist" - currently waiting for a call back from an area store, probably Boston.
  5. Call 866 they will locate a boutique near you.
  6. I agree that you should call CR but definitely call stores on your own. I don't always find the representatives to be very helpful.
  7. Wasn't there a post that the AZ store got in 25 speedies in Azur, a call directly to them wouldn't hurt.
  8. they did, i was one of the lucky ones on the waitlist to get one. don't know if there was enough left over for walk-in buyers.
  9. i have called all the nyc stores, elux and 866 vuitton. i have been told there are none, anywhere.
  10. how much do the speedy azur 25/30s cost? and pardon the silly question but is this the IT bag of the season, which is why it's so hard to get?
  11. 25" cost 300 pounds and 30" cost 310 pounds.

    I saw one in LV Sloan Street today size 30 but I don't know where are you live?

    To Ichelle ..... You already got a Damier Speedy in 30" yeah? so go for Azur 25". It is more shaper and cute :smile:.

    I hope my info. may help
  12. It is not an IT bag but It is a LV new line bag. This line is not a limitation so you will absolutely get it in the future.

    Why it is hard to get one?

    Because they are new and in demand. They came and sold out fast especially speedy style.

    I don't think it is hard to find here in London ( I don't know about the US). You can easily find wallets and other bag style in Azur in every LV boutiques but not in Speedy style.
  13. i think later in the year azur will be less demanded..
    will they be making azur in everything that damier is made in?
  14. I was at a boutique this weekend and the SA said they probably are doing this, making the bag hard to find, to create hype about the new line.
  15. Thanks, you're very helpful! :yes: I personally like the original damier since it's not as "delicate" and I don't have to worry about patina and dirt :idea: heehee. But what do I know, I may catch on to the Azure craze too lol. Time will tell...