Help me find a scent!!

  1. I really want a signature scent...the only problem is that I don't know how to shop for perfumes :crybaby:

    I'm not sure what smells good on me, but I know that Body by Victoria and Britney Spears Fantasy do not work for me. They smell wonderful on other people though...

    Also, Tommy Girl has worked for me in the past (waaay in the past) and VS Angels for going out sometimes, but other than that, perfumes have been disappointing me.

    I have two formal events to go to this weekend so I'm really wanting to buy a new bottle of something soon... I was thinking Vera Wang Princes or Armani Code, but are these gonna turn out like the other failures? What scents should I look for/avoid?
  2. Gee, I really am not sure what would work for you. I myself have perfume issues (I am allergic to most and get very ill)-and have recently found 3 that smell wonderful and don't make me ill.

    They are:

    Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea

    Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

    Burberry Brit for women EDT
  3. Yeah I have no idea! I'm not good at classifying perfumes to be "fruity" or "spicy" etc so I don't know what to tell the SA to stay away from.

    I've heard good things about Light Blue...and possibly Burberry. I'll have to try those today..
  4. EA Green Tea is pretty safe, but I actually sold my Light Blue because the smell was just not me.
    Have you tried oils? I know the Body Shop sells them--perhaps you can custom blend something to your liking as you search for the perfect pre-made fragrance?
  5. I just stay away from flowery scents-ugh!
  6. lol ^^ I agree! Try a couple of them because they smell different on your skin!
  7. I love Beautiful by Estee Lauder!
  8. I suggest going to the counter and asking the SA for samples so that you can see what works for you. I remember buying scents that smelled good at the store and few days later being disappointed because I didn't like them. Now I politely ask the SA for samples try them for a few days and if I like the scent I go back and purchase a bottle.

    Some of my favorites are,

    Chance by Chanel
    Miracle by Lancome
    L'Eau d'Issey by Issey Miyake
    Romance by Ralph Lauren
    Cashmere Mist by DK

    I was also pleasantly surprised by a Paris Hilton scent I smelled on someone the other day but I don't remeber the name.
  9. My only advice is to try it on. Never ever buy perfume without doing this. One scent smells completely different on different people, and it develops while you wear it.

    With that said, I'm sure there's something out there for you that will be just perfect. Once you start trying different ones and looking at what notes are in the fragrance you can begin to pick out what of these you like, i.e. lavender, or lily of the valley, or whatever it may be (with help from knowledgable salespeople and friends and family).

    It looks like you are pretty open to different scents, so I'll suggest a few that I've smelled that have worked and not worked on me but that I still think are great.

    I Love Love by Moschino Cheap and Chic
    Princess by Vera Wang
    Allure Sensuelle by Chanel
    Amor Amor by Cacharel
    Prada and Prada Tendre

    Again, just suggestions. You might want to browse around on Sephora's fragrance finder to get a better general idea of notes and scents and fragrance families.

    The last thing I'll say is... don't be discouraged! It takes me a long time to decide on fragrances and make a purchase. But when I take my time, I've never regretted a purchase.

    Oh, also, it helps if you don't have a really flavorful and heavily scented meal during the process... such as Indian food. It can interfere with your decision as to whether or not you like the scent on you.
  10. I have and use these.

    Eternity Moment
    Cool Water for Women
    BCBG Girls MaxAzria in Metro (there are 4 different ones)
    Jessica McClintock (not Jess)
    Romance by Ralph Lauren
  11. They say, the scent that is yours is the one you can't smell on yourself but others compliment you on! I have a TON of perfumes, but the ones I wear all the time fall into this category, I hate to smell them on myself....AND I always get compliments when I where these perfumes, sometimes the person will ask me what it is and I can't answer right away because I can't smell it to remember what it is! Anyway, this is going to be different for every person, so you just need to test things out, perfume smell different on different people because it reacts to everyones chemistry different....
  12. As I know,our body will produce our own natural scent and whenever u use perfume,it will blend with your natural body scent.That's why eventhough you use the same perfume with someone,your smell won't be exactly the same with her,which is good! ;)
    I agree with Echoluster,u need to try the perfume before u buy it.Don't try it on piece of paper,but try it on your skin.Wait until few minutes until it blends properly and smell it.Usually the scent is so strong on the first spray,so that's why u need to wait.

    My personal collection:
    Chanel No 5-Chanel
    Euphoria-Calvin Klein (I LOVE THIS THE MOST! :heart: )
    L'eau d'Issey-Issey Miyake
    Paris Hilton-Paris Hilton (I don't suggest this one tho'..the only reason i bought it was just coz it's from Paris!:roflmfao:)
    Amor Amor-Cacharel
    Secret Wish-Anna Sui

    Hope it helps..and good luck!! There must be a perfume that suit to you out there..just keep trying! ;)
  13. I don´t mean to be rude but both Light Blue and Burberry Brit gave me amazing headaches:yucky: They are really overwhelming to me.
    My favorites is Miss Dior Cherie. It smells divine:heart:
  14. Thanks for all the suggestions ladies! :love:

    I went to the perfume counter the other day and I really loved a Valentino scent, Escada "Into the Blue" and "Style"... not sure what category these fall into! (flowery? etc)
    They only had a sample of the Escada.. I tried it yesterday but didnt like it much (it might have been too overpowering with my lotion) but I think I'll try it once more today to see what happens.

    BTW, I tried Burberry London and that turned out kinda spicy on me? And the Valentino scent turned real powdery...but it was still nice. Armani Code was okay, but not an everyday thing. I liked Style (by Ralph Lauren?) and the Escada scent the best..

    I've been stealing little squirts of Coco Chanel from my roomie lately... It wears well. Is there anything that is similar to that that yall know? Maybe Angel by Thierry something... I cant remember :smile:
  15. Thierry Mugler :biggrin: