Help Me Find a Scarf!

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  1. I am looking for a long lightweight scarf to wear that will be light enough for spring. Colors: either cream or blues/purples, or multicolor would be great. I love long scarves that I can wrap around a few times with room to spare! The less expensive the better... please help!
  2. If there is a Nordstrom Rack near you check there. Otherwise, you should be able to find some at Target or Macys.
  3. I just purchased a cute scarf at H&M, its white with grey stripes! I really love it!. H&M has a decent selection of scarves,and all of them are cheap!
  4. Urban Outfitters has lots of cute, lightweight scarfs ... this is one of my favorites!

  5. That's so cute, I love that!!!!!!

    ^^ And that's for the tip at H&M, I will have to make a trip!
  6. Oh baby! I posted a long segment re: scarves on my blog a few days ago. Every hollywood starlet is rocking the Love Quotes scarves - only $85, and totally plush, gorgeous.
    lovequotesb.jpg a.jpg
  7. There are some darling Spring scarves on sale now at Bluefly...all different designers.
  8. Also, LoveQuotes scarves are 10% off @ Singer22 today, use code SALE10. (all items are 10% off).
  9. ^^^ Beautiful but a nightmare to get hold of, I was on a waiting listing for 3 months and got fed-up of waiting so cancelled
  10. Target had a gorgeous, lightweight multi0color striped scarf when i was there the other day!! $12.99
  11. Today I saw some super cute ones on the Old Navy website for $5!!
  12. Nice, thanks! Ones that are on that idea of the pictures posted above are what I am looking for. Why are they called Love Quotes? Are there actual quotes on them? Or am I totally off track? lol
  13. exo: i am clueless as to the origins of the name! All I know... is that they are 100% Italian linen, supersoft, oversized and come in a stunning variety of colors... and that every Hollywood starlet is photographed in them daily.
  14. Ah, thanks! ;) They look beautiful!