Help me find a scarf to match my MbyMJ Cordovan Heidi!

  1. Perhaps this is silly, but I wanted a red winter scarf to match my cordovan Heidi... Does anyone have any suggestions... Thanks!
  2. do you have a picture of the bag?? i know the gap had some really fun striped scarfs in :yes:
  3. [​IMG]
    Yes, a pic would have helped....Thanks, jun3machina!
  4. BR neckwarmer.jpg BR houndstooth.jpg
  5. I really want a cordovan Heidi bag ... or a cordovan Quinn bag ... or a cordovan Faridah bag ... oh, God!!!
  6. About a week ago, I attended a Holiday Open House that a small handbag & accessory boutique here in Chicago held. She had several designers there that night with items that she sells in her shop - I bought a really pretty wrap from Elyse C. Bec ( - She has all kinds of scarves & wraps in every color and lots of designs - Maybe you could find something there -

    This is the one that I bought, although I got the wrap not the scarf, and I got it in a very pretty shade of gray: