Help me find a SALE navy besace

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  1. Hi ladies,

    With all the sales I can't bear to pay full price for the navy besace, especially since the fall colors and even gray and black can be found on sale. Does anyone know of a navy on sale? TIA!
  2. I believe that the Navy Besace is a newer color--released in late fall for the cruise/resort line--and I have not seen it on sale anywhere yet.

    Its also relatively rare to find a Black Besace on sale, btw, although it has been done...
  3. has one but nothing on sale yet that I have seen!
  4. ^Yup, and have had it for a while too but they are all full price.
  5. Thanks! I will bide my time and hope it goes on sale in a couple months!
  6. Yea Navy is a Cruise color so it should still be full price.Your best bet is to wait for Saks EGC or their Friends and Family sale. It happens twice a year once in March or April and then in October.... ( I am not sure of the dates but keep and eye out)
  7. this one is on sale at
    i saw it in real life it's very small
    it says teal but I would say it's more blue
    have a look

    hope that helps