Help Me Find a Rose Gold Necklace!

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  1. I am looking for a rose gold necklace to layer with my 16inch rose gold DBTY pendant. I don't want anything with diamonds or stones, just something around 18-20 inches in rose gold. I was looking on Tiffany and they really only have the keys. Any suggestions for a fun rose gold necklace - initials, circles, etc.

    Pics or links would be great.

    Thanks ladies.
  2. KC Designs might be a good place to start.
  3. I LOVE Ginette NY necklaces - they sell their necklaces in rose gold, black gold, yellow gold and white gold. Also Jennifer Meyer has really pretty necklaces - they can come in rose gold. The picture below is the initial necklace from Ginette NY - if you are in NYC - they have a jewelry bar. Hope this helps!!
  4. This is kind of cute:

    Also, try I did a search for "rose gold necklace and got three pages of results.

    And this:
    If the link doesn't work, just search "Jane Hollinger" at ylang23.
  5. Helen Ficalora's designs all come in rose gold. She has the cutest round initial pendants. :biggrin:
  6. I have no suggestion as to wear to find a rose gold necklace, but I would LOVE to see you DBTY necklace, i've never seen one in rose gold it from Tiffany or is it similar from a different store?
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    I saw a LeVian pendant in the strawberry gold inlayed in enamel or with chocolate diamonds.
  8. Dominique Cohen has a lot of elegant layering necklaces. I think all of them can be made in rose or yellow.

  9. I love the rose gold heart necklace from (sorry the length is 32" maybe too long for what you wanted). Or Jennifer Mayers leaf design pendant I think they do rose gold. Good luck with your search, rose gold is so pretty.
  10. I love rose gold, my two favorite necklaces are my M2 by Mary Margrill dream necklace and my Na Hoku rose gold and pink mother of pearl plumeria. Easy to find via google.
  11. I had it made by Brian Gavin Diamonds. I absolutely love it. Just one stone.

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  12. Jennifer Meyer!!
  13. Love your necklace mdmetromom! Thanks for sharing, i'll have to check out Brian Gavin diamonds :smile:
  14. Jennifer Fisher Jewelry has all kinds of charms/pendants - all of which are available in rose gold - matte or polished finish.