Help me find a Red Jumbo

  1. Can anyone help me find a Red Jumbo flap like this one?

  2. Can anyone help me find a Red Jumbo flap like this one?

  3. It's totally or impossible to get a red flap as it's a seasonal item. Besides the one that you are keen on, is a vintage chanel lambskin jumbo double-sided flap with gold h/w.

    I saw this one was sold on eBay for ard $3250 and it was like 6 mths ago. It's really hard to find a red flap as many pfers are still searchin for one. U either have to try ur luck on eBay or those consignment shops. GL in ur search!
  4. Thanks for the info. I guess since its impossible to find this exact one, I might just go for the other one you mentioned. Do you have any info on that? I really want a red jumbo flap and not a red orange one or the perforated red flaps which I've been seeing in stores. Thank you so much!!!:smile:

  5. As said, you can't find any red flap at all. All stores do not have anymore....many pfers have been tryin to find one but failed to see any...sorry to say NO.
  6. a LOT of tPFers are looking for a jumbo flap too...including me. good luck to all of us! :lol:
  7. Sorry I misunderstood the post. Oops! Thanks though!:smile:

  8. I'll move this to the Shopping Forum for you. . . there's about 50 of you looking for this bag!
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