help me find a red chanel jumbo or medium

  1. please pm me with the SA and number of the store if you see any red chanel jumbo or medium in regular or new chain. I am not interested in the MM lock, I like the interlocking C's thanks Jen
  2. anyone?
  3. U can ask CHANELboy.
  4. i did no news yet from him :sad:
  5. this bag is very hard to find. try calling the Chanel 800 number. good luck
  6. Good luck! That bag is basically impossible to find. : ( I'd kill for a red jumbo.
  7. i know, i've been calling around and still no
  8. thanks crucreciala, I pmed her but she hasn't replied to me yet :sad:
  9. You may want to check eBay but it's dangerous place.
  10. ive also been checking eBay everyday. No luck!
  11. I went into Selfridges in London today and they had a jumbo red caviar with new chain in the window. Not sure if they will post internationally but worth a try. Their phone number is 020 7318 3385 nad I think the price is £1,170.

    Good luck
  12. AKKKKK! thank you elise! I called the store and talked to Akima she has the bag on hold for me as she couldn't get my details because of the on going sale! I am soooo excited!
  13. now i'm scared it might not be true! OMG! this is driving me crazy
  14. Congratulations. I definately saw it there today and the SAs in Selfridges Chanel were really helpful today, but it was really busy.

    Good luck, I hope you get it soon. It looks amazing.