Help me find a purse for my girlfriend?


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Aug 19, 2008
I realize this is probably a long shot but it's worth a try.

My girlfriend has this purse that she absolutely adores. She got it from "The Limited" which I realize doesn't quite make it "designer" but I was hoping you wonderful ladies could still help me.
The purse was $70 (I think) originally but she got it on sale for around $15. She regrets not picking up 2 (or more) now because hers is falling apart. I believe she picked it up sometime around February or slightly before.

Anyway, it's a big (BIG) white purse. It looks to be "woven" of leather strips about 1 inch wide. It has two big leather handles. When worn on the shoulder the bottom of the bag is probably two feet from the top. You could fit a cat in this purse comfortably.
I will try to snag a picture of it if I can but I'm hoping to be able to find this purse (used even would be fine) and surprise her with it.

Was that description way too vague?
Anyone think they can help?


Sep 14, 2006
Chicago, IL
If it was from February, I think you will have an extremely hard time finding it. I think your best route is just to go through the slew of bags under "the limited" on ebay.


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Jun 12, 2007
It's really sweet that you're doing this, iammrwright. Sorry I can't help (we don't have The Limited here in the Great White North). But you have all my moral support. And if you don't find the exact same bag, I'm sure if you post a picture here, we can help you find a suitable substitute. Bon courage!