help me find a picture for this chanel bag im describing

  1. I need to find out if someone could help me with my problem i need a picture of this chanel handbag it was in a magazine within the last 4 months it was white with chanel written numorous times on the bag with pastel colors hopefully someone can help me out i looked everywhere i can think of to find a picture of this bag
  2. I think this bag is in the Neiman Marcus book....what kind of handles?
  3. im not really sure i think it said it was a bowling style bag it was awhile ago i saw the bag in a fashion mazagine but i remember what i said before i found the bag in the magazine isnt that pretty bad
  4. Was it a fabric bag? Maybe it's a sport line?
    Pastel colors like purple, pink, sky blue, coral?
  5. im not sure if it was a fabric bag it had coral, sky blue, pink in it chanel was written in cursive im glad u two answered this because i was thinking i dreamt this bag because i have looked every where to find a pic online for it. i figure it would be easier than telling my oma which one it is i just want one expensive handbag and would never carry a fake one and she works for chanel and that was the only one that caught my eye and i said to myself i had to ask if she could get that one for me and i would pay her for it
  6. is this the one?

  7. nope that wasnt the purse but thank you it didnt have the logos on the purse at all just the name and it was also pastel
  8. i guess no one knows what bag im talking about
  9. Do you have any idea which magazine? Too narrow it down a bit?
  10. i have no idea but i went to alot of the fashion magazines websites and search for chanel purses or looked around for them i buy from work i really dont recall
  11. oh savannah, that bag is too cute!