Help me find a pic of my wallet...

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  1. I hope you guys can help me. I just bought a wallet at Saks and I can't find a pic anywhere. I couldn't bring the items home with me becuase I'm having it shipped. I want to show my DH what I bought. I've searched the reference library and ebay.

    Its a long wallet in patent with cc in the corner. It came in black or red. Inside, it has 6 slots of cc and a coin purse. The retail price was $625. I was told its from the cruise collection but I don't see it online. I know the SA placed the wallet in the wrong box because I saw her do it becuase she couldn't find the original box. Does anyone have a picture or know the name of the wallet? Many, many thanks
  2. could it be this one?
  3. Your welcome! Congrats on your new wallet. Post pics when you receive it. I almost got the one on the website but when I stop at the Chanel store and I found a different one that matched my bags better.