Help me find a perfect bag for uni

  1. Now that both of my canvas totes have broke i've decided i'm going to buy a real bag for uni that will hold up (though just to be fair, those canvas totes were awesome, they help up for five years and I'm a horribly rough person with this sort of thing).

    I'm looking for function with a rugged rough style, like the Botkier Sasha Duffel (which is in fact my dream bag but I can't afford it, just having bought an even dreamier electric guitar hehe) or um... one of the Marc by Marc Jacobs totes... sorry I don't remember what, but it was simple. Basically I want something that looks like it can withstand 2kg of books and not make me look overly feminine (because that is not me and i'd feel odd).

    Any suggestions? I don't mind price range, just not over $1000 AUD. Seeing new eye candy is always good :smile:.
  2. I dont know how much $1000AUD is but I got a Botkier Sasha duffle in pewter off eBay for about $500 a couple months back and its gorgeous! If its your dream bag, I would say dont try to substitute it! Find ways to get it! Theres a bunch of coupon codes for other websites that carry it as well...but I just got a Hayden Harnett nico in chocolate in and its big enough to carry school stuff and the price was great because I got it at the sample sale, well enough within your price range=) Let us know what you end up getting! Im a third year uni student as well so I know what predicament your in=))