Help me find a peach perfume!

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  1. So back in high school a friend of mine had a perfume called peach fuzz which I just loved, but since then I haven't been able to find a perfume that smells like peaches...can anyone help? Oh and I don't want it mixed with scents like vanilla, not a big fan, just peach...thx
  2. Ooooo, I'll give it a try, thanks!
  3. Have you tried Fuzzy Peach perfume oil from The Body Shop? I think it's a pure peach scent.
  4. you know I never thought of looking there, although I used to love their bath oil balls...I'll go check them out this wkd. Hopefully I'll be smellin' peachy by then :wlae:
  5. How about Annick Goutal I think they have something.
  6. boku cute avatar ;) where can I find annick goutal? Never heard of that one...
  7. i second the jo malone nectarine blossom and honey, it's peachy but not overpoweringly so. i love it and wear it every day during warm weather!
  8. Comptaire sud Pacifique or whatever their names is has a vanilla and apricot/peachy smelling one I believe.
  9. I just checked sephora. They have vanilla peach AND vanilla apricot.
  10. Thanks so much ladies, this will be my mission for the weekend. Fendifemale went to sephora last weekend and did smell something that had peach and vanilla but wasn't a big fan. The vanilla seemed more dominant that the peach, but thanks any way :graucho:
  11. i love vanilla haha. good choice in picking peach, too, though! good luck!
  12. I have this cologne and it is soooo incredibly wonderful!!

  13. This is lovely! I use it for the summer and it gets me all happy! (fades in a few hour so get the handbag size for frequent top ups- it smells great when its fresh)