Help me find a patent leather clucth in grey!!

  1. I got a fab pair of patent leather grey stilettos for XMas
    I don't always match bags to shoes, but I do like to have a match should I ever want to wear both, especially to functions and parties.
    Has anyone ever seen a grey patent leather clutch or any patent grey bag for that matter?

    The only one I could think of was that steel colored LV in patent (can't think of the exact name) and I think my LV collecting is on hiatus.

    I would love a Chloe paddy in Mousse ( that's not even patent), but I'm rambling about my dream bags now!!

    You guys are so great at hunting down great finds, any help would be greatly appreciated!:yes:
  2. No replies???
  3. How about this Aleya clutch?

    On sale for $190

    Aleya Handbags