Help me find a pair of these LANVIN boots

  1. I just saw these boots on Ashlee Simpson in black and I LOVE THEM!

    Does anyone know where in the US I can find a pair? I need them in a size 41. Luisa Via Roma has them but only in Tobacco.

    They look like this:


    I am going Paris in two months but I have a feeling it will be too late to get them there... :crybaby:

  2. No I haven't seen this HOT boots:nuts: :heart: !!!
    Maybe not available yet :shrugs: ...
    If I see pair in 41 and black I'll let you know:yes: !!!

    And congrats for your future BI Day !!!
    The colour is really amazing !!!
    Here Bal Paris doesn't accept waiting list :cursing:
    (one of the reason that makes me prefer the Printemps)...
    but I'm going to call them everyday:graucho: !!!!
  3. I have only seen the high version so far in Browns
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    might be worth emailing them to see if they will be picking up on the flat version too.

    I love Lanvin :biggrin:
  4. Wow they ^^ really are stunning...:drool: :love:

    Good luck with your search Roo. If i spy any on my browsing travels, i'll let you know;)
  5. Thanks all-- keep your eyes peeled!!!!
  6. You might want to try contacting Bob Ellis Shoes They have a real store in SC. They carry Lanvin bags and may be able to help you with the boots. They list Lanvin shoes as a brand that they carry in-store.

    Also try Susan of Burlingame ((650) 347-0452)--although I've heard mixed reviews on the store's return policy--ask questions... But I believe they also carry Lanvin.

    Good luck!
  7. beautiful boots, but i can't help you...:crybaby:
  8. I like them too, but I can't help you
  9. Ikram in Chicago carries Lanvin....their number is 312-587-1000 or you can email them the pic.

    They usually carry lanvin footwear but it tends to sell out really fast.
  10. Thanks for the posts! I found them at Barney's today but the shaft of the boot is sooo tiny. The SA told me that she's a size 5 and had a very hard time zipping them up. :crybaby:
  11. Roo>> how much are the boots retail for? thanks!
  12. I believe the brown pair I saw at Barney's were about $800.
  13. Thanks Roo. These boots are cute!!
  14. i agree, these boots look awesome! :drool: might just be my winter buy. if i ever find them & they actually fit (i too am a size 5). it seems that they go by pretty quickly...:girlsigh: