Help me find a pair of Hunter "Huntress" rainboots.

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  1. Sold out on Zappos & Endless in my size & preferred color (7 & black).

    Not sold on Piperlime, Saks, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, or Neiman Marcus. Saks' live chat said they couldn't locate an item for me without the UPC or SKU or whatever. Nordstrom's live chat claimed if the item wasn't on the site, they couldn't find it.

    I have visited Saks, L&T, and the Tannery (in Boston) in hopes of finding the Huntress to no avail.

    There are some on eBay, but not in black.

    Any other chance of hope here? :sweatdrop: Does anyone know if Nordstrom or Bloomies have them in-store? If a particular one was selling it, I could do a charge-send. I really don't want to have to resort to phone calling random locations.
  2. Could you contact Hunter and see if they can track down a retailer that has a pair in stock. I know it is probably a long shot but might be worth a try.
  3. I ordered Hunters from recently (not the huntress style, but some of the RBS flowered boots, which were also impossible to find in my size.) They shipped really fast, faster than some of my stuff within the US. Maybe check with them?

    BTW, have you tried the huntress? I usually have problems with my calves fitting leather boots, but the regular hunters are pretty roomy. You may be able to get any style you want.
  4. ^ I have tried the original style, but not the Huntress. The circumference is 14" & my calves are like 13.9". They can fit, but it's not very comfortable, unfortunately!

    Plus I'm barely 5'1" & the good thing about the Huntress is that it's just a bit shorter in shaft height than the original style.

    Thanks for the site suggestion, but no Huntress being sold on it either. :Push:
  5. I ordered mine from Zappos, my size & color was sold out at the time, so I put a request on it, and waited about 2 weeks. HTH :smile: btw, did you check ebay UK ? some sellers might be able to ship to US.
  6. ^ I put myself on the notification list for Zappos as well. I hope it gets restocked soon.

    Thanks for the tip about the UK version of eBay... none in 7 & black, but I can keep an eye on that now too!
  7. They have them in stock at piperlime.
  8. THANK YOU for the heads up!!!! :yahoo:

    I hope these work out for me!
  9. Glad that worked out for you. I got a pair of the original gloss in black from Endless. Mine should be here tomorrow!