Help me find a pair of flat gladiator sandals!

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  1. I bought the flat gladiator sandals from Balenciaga below, but no one but me seemed to like them, so they're going to go back.

    However, now I want a pair of flat gladiators! I want them to be really delicate, kind of like these:'Acqua%20AB7223H35%20Sandal&asins=B001N0L26C,B001N0L2ZI,B001N0L2TO,B001N0L07S,B001N0L2DA,B001J6OTLU,B001J6OUB4,B001J6OTHY,B001J6OUJG,B001J6OTMO,B001J6OU3W,B001J6OU64,B001J6OUIC,B001J6OTQU,B001J6OTWY,B001J6OTZ6&sr=1-5&contextTitle=Search%20Results&fromPage=search&sort=-product_site_launch_date&showDesigner=1&node=241745011&brands=Alessandro%20Dell'Acqua

    But those are too expensive- I'm looking for something under $200. The keyword here is delicate (I know, a tall order for gladiator flats), but I feel like most gladiators have straps that are too thick. I would like really thin straps.


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  2. Wow, you found those Balenciaga's for under $200? These Costume National gladiators are delicate (on sale at Saks).

    ETA: Not sure why the pic is coming out so small...

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  3. No, the balenciagas were $280- I'm looking for a cheaper alternative.

    Thanks for finding all of those options, carousel eyes!

    I like the gwyneth ones, but they don't have them in my size. The mystique ones are pretty cute. The TB ones are nice, but I feel like for $100 extra, I'd rather have the balenciagas.

    Hm. I have something to do. Parting with the balenciagas may be harder than I thought...
  4. I think the Balenciagas are great! Not sure how they look when they're on the foot, but I love the design and color combination.