Help me find a nice crossbody/messenger bag...!!!

  1. Hello everyone...!! haven't been to this part of the forum in awhile...:yahoo: been nursing my balenciaga fever... :devil:

    i need help in finding a nice casual messenger/cross body bag, preferably leather, maybe even in a nice bright colour (balenciaga style! :p), price range up to $150 or $200 only if it's designer (would really like to have a good brand tho, not something that's likely to fall apart in one summer).
    i'm looking for an 'out and about' bag that's not too big, NOT like a messenger schoolbag. i'm 165cm athletically built. :tup:

    ANY SUGGESTIONS....!??! :yes:

    TIA everyone...! :flowers::okay:
  2. How about a Hayden Harnett Barnard? It's mjust a bit above your price range at $227.50 on sale, of course you might catch it in the every 30 minute sale they are running. It comes in saddle and black, so no bright colors, but it was the first bag that came to mind. Also, when someone purchases one of these, part of the proceeds goes to Autism!

    Here it is in saddle:
  3. I vote for the Mulberry messenger bags. Take a look at them. Above your price range...but save up the money and but one. They are a keeper!
  4. I would also recommend the Hayden Harnett Barnard. I was on a search for a smallish crossbody bag to hold my essentials (wallet, sunglasses, keys, cell phone, and if I feel like a diaper and wipes fits too). I scored one for $162 during their 30 minute sale!

    Here are some pics so you can get an idea of size. I'm about 5'6".
    IMG_7118.JPG IMG_7128.JPG IMG_7129.JPG
  5. oh my god! i love hayden harnett's barnard! thanks a lot for posting pics! ;) i've been eyeing it for a while now but still haven't decided on the color.. i love both black and saddle so i'm having a hard time!

    lucky you for spotting it on the 30 minute sale! i guess i'll have to watch for it to come up again! :smile:
  6. I agree with the above. I have a Mulberry Anthony messenger bag, it is big enough for the essentials, made of good quality hard wearing leather and is a delight to use. :tup:
  7. I love my Mulberry Antony too!:heart:
  8. :nuts: thanks guys...!!!

    especially for the hayden harnett idea...!!!

    hm... do they ship to canada?
  9. Yep!
  10. where does this 30minute sale take place at?...i'm new. and I really want that bag!