Help me find a newish LV please

  1. I was so upset when my mono canvas speedy 30 was stolen on friday 31 August. It was my first and only LV. My partner gave me it as a welcome back present and now its gone. :crybaby:

    Now i'm looking for a newish one on eBay (or other places i'm open to suggestion) with £200 limit. I was thinking of maybe a musette range just so the buggers would have to fight me before anyone tries to take it.:cursing: Having said that i'm not certain yet. I do like the neverfull gm but can't afford it in my limited budget. However if you see it cheap let me know.

    I need something for everyday use. I need alot of space but not too big as i'm petite...mmm... I'm open to suggestions.

  2. Hi, did you try let-trade on eBay? she is a tpf member as well. and sometime you could find a good bargain there. A few tpf members have bought from her & her stuff is authentic. Here is the link.
    Her stuff is mainly LV.
  3. and sorry to hear that your bag was stolen....that is a pain......
  4. Thanks! Shopping is the best therapy. :yes:
  5. [​IMG]

    Does this look real to you?
  6. Thanks. What annoys me the most is that Asda (grocery store) is more worried about getting their product in cctv than looking after their customers. Aparently i went off the camera when i went into the deli section. Which is where it was stolen. I'm going to write a complaint to them after i do more shopping.

    Your right it is fake, the colour off and texture looks weird!!
  7. Sorry to hear about your bag! Do you have insurance on it?
  8. I haven't insured it by itself but I'm waiting for a phone call to find out if i am covered under my home insurance.
  9. thanks for the idea!!
  10. I'm so sorry to hear about your stolen bag! I hope you'll find one to replace it with.