Help me find a new roomy Chanel tote! suggestions needed!

  1. So i purchased my first Chanel a few months ago after much dramas. It is a red caviar classic flap which i adore and love to death. I treat her like a piece of jewellery and will hopefully pass her onto my daughter in future :shame::heart:

    I wear her most days but find i just really need a bigger bag as they don't fit much other than a wallet, keys, phone and makeup!

    I initially wanted a modern chain bag but i am very short and figured it would just dwarf me :crybaby: I went into the Sydney boutique today and unfortunately i just looked really stupid wearing the jumbo classic flap (it almost looked like a suitcase on my small frame!) and the timeless classic tote i was eyeing was still too small for my liking.

    i like things that don't need to be handheld in order to be worn (like the doctors bag). i am not a baby cabas girl unfortunately. i am not a fan of patent or metallics. not a fan of cambon. god i am picky!

    should i just wait until a new style comes out? wait for a coloured reissue in the 277 size? go for a *gasp* bag from a different designer e.g. mulberry or ysl?

    here's a bit about me:
    age: 24
    occupation: advertising
    style: new vintage, alot of dresses. most of my clothes are from LOVER®

    which bag, chanel or otherwise, do you suggest?
  2. First of all, we have almost every single thing in common, down to me working in advertising too. :yes:

    I am 5 ft.--small frame. I have the modern chain flap and it is too small for all of my stuff, so I only carry it as a dinner bag now. I don't like cambons or baby cabas either--however I do have the "smaller version" of the large cabas and use it as a work tote (not totally in love with it after having it for a few months).

    here's my recommendation--I have the black grand shopping tote. it's a great structured bag, kind of dressy, and is so organized and roomy. But doesn't overpower me either.

    For more casual days I have the small modern chain tote. At first, I thought it was too big for me, but the more I carry it and the more I take a glance in mirrors and windows as I pass by, it doesn't appear as big as I thought it was. It has so much room and I absolutely love it. I have the red, and the color is spectacular.

    Good luck. Let us know what you end up with!
  3. I was going to suggest the grand shopping tote as well. I am almost 5'2" and find it doesn't overwhelm me at all. It is also very classy looking, especially in black.
  4. I was going to suggest the caviar GST also. I don't have on yet since I purchased a jumbo flap but it is on my want list.
  5. Have you looked at the N/S Cloudy Bundle tote? I think this is a great bag. I didn't look at this one much originally because in many of the photos I saw, the drawstring was pulled tight, so it looked kind of barrel-ish. But, the bag has a magnetic snap closure which allows for the possiblity of leaving the bag flat and a little wider at the top. The leather feels amazing, and there is plenty of room in it..btw, we are about the same size, and I think this one looks great on! Good luck!
  6. I suggest the Grand Shopping Tote also. I've got one, and it holds a ton.
  7. the luxury tote/bowler is gorgeous, it's not too bulky and easy to manage. The luxury flap would probably be a abit too small, if you said the timeless CC bag is too small.
  8. allbrand do you remember how much the tote retailed for in australia? i remember trying it on before thinking "wow this is gorgeous can't believe i've never noticed it before". now i'm bummed to think i could have bought it!