Help me find a new leather bag....

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  1. I need help!! I am finally looking to get my first high quality leather bag. I am looking for a medium size shoulder (or crossbody) bag in delicious, soft leather. I would prefer a bag in gray, but am open to other colors if the bag fits my needs. I love pockets and organization..... can you guys steer me to some good bags??

    The only hitch is that I have a bad right arm and therefore cannot carry an overly heavy bag. :sad:(

    I have been eyeing the Linea Pelle Dylan new Shoulder Bag and I love the Dylan Zip Tote, but that just looks HUGE. Nowhere are the weights of most bags listed, so it is hard for me to make a decision just by photos.

    Last week I ordered a Tignanello bag from QVC when it was a Today's Special Value. The size looked great and they made it sound like the leather was soft, soft, soft. I received the bag, it seemed just 'ok' but I started using it and after just one week the leather is already stained (I have NOT been in any rain), there are marks in the leather on the bottom, front and top. The only thing I have done with this bag is carry it to and from the car when I ran errands. I am VERY disappointed in this bag and will be returning it. My question is: Is this kind of immediately visible wear normal for leather bags?? Or was the bag I got just lower quality leather (or leather that was too thin)?

    Any help/suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!!!
  2. jw, Welcome! If you do not have price limitation, and love ultra soft bags, check out a Bottega Veneta! They weigh (I think) 1 1/2 lbs., they are lined in suede and are a "forever" bag. Other than that, mostly every leather bag, once it is filled is heavy. The only other I can think of is a fabricated bag. ie. Vera Bradley.

    Now that I think of it, it is my high end bags that weigh less than my others. Some YSL bags are lighter weight too. Again, these are pricey. Lastly, I love your avatar! Those kittens are precious and I'm not a cat lover!
  3. Hey - not an expert, but I happen to have one underhand that I always refer to when I have questions about taking care of my leather bags - and the first thing to know is that the quality of the leather speaks volumes. Bags will show signs of use but good leather ages well (just like a great bottle of Chianti ... these Italians know wine and leather...and so much more.....) so if you are going to buy leather, look for quality - my suggestions is look for Italian leather!
  4. Marc Jacobs Leigh has a dark gray

    Be&D Carlisle has a nickel color that's gray (last picture)

    MbMJ Ukita (no gray, but there's black, pink, and brown)

    Bottega Veneta bags are always gorgeous too
  5. I LOVE what you just called BV - a forever bag!
    Truer words have never been spoken IMO.

    You know before I found BV I'd buy handbags to then just turn around shortly after and either give them away or sell. BUT all that changed when I was introduced to BV. They really are bags you cherish, forever!
  6. Thanks to all who replied to my request!! I have visited each bag that was suggested and never did I think that I would be falling in love with a $2300.00 bag, but I have!!!

    I went to the Bottega Veneta site, never dreaming I would find anything that appealed to me, but I am in LOVE with the Bitter Light Calf Bag!!! It is the exact style I was looking for and the bag looks delicious!!!!

    I just don't know how I can justify spending that kind of money on a bag that will be at my feet in the car, used daily, etc. It seems something this special should be saved only for special occasions. Do you all use your Boggeta bags on a daily basis?? If so, how do they wear??

    This more 'casual' style is what I am looking for. Are there perhaps some less expensive nice quality leather bags that have this style??

    Thanks again for everyone's suggestions!!!;color=2133