Help me find a new bag :)

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  1. Hi!

    My DBF want to gift me with a bag (very kind of him) and I don't know which to choose.

    So I'm looking for a black bag with sw, preferably small, elegant, with that "little something" and around 800 euros.
    I have pondered over the "small Darley" from Mulberry but the chain will fall to far down on me.

    Do you have any suggestions? TIA :biggrin:
  2. By sw do you mean silver hardware? If so, then how about this? It's about 900 Euro with the promo code. I'm in mad love with it and just ordered one for myself. BV is still selling it for full price, and just increased the price by $300 this week.

    Happy hunting!

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  3. Also, I posted a thread about shortening a chain strap. I had a jeweler do it and it came out great.
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  4. Thank you so much! It's a lovely bag! We went with a Stella Mccartney-bag in the end.
    Thank you for mentioning that it is possible to shorten chains, I will remember it :smile:.
  5. another increase??? :eek:
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