Help Me Find A Mono Stephen Please!!!!

  1. I have been on the waitlist like forever and was wondering if any of you ladies have the numbers to any store that might have one, I called 866-vuitton, and of course I was told there working through the list.
  2. I really don't want to get this bag from ebay.
  3. Don't buy from ebay. I was told that they will continue to produce the mono stephen for a few more months.

    If you can wait until the hype dies down you'll get one.

    Otherwise send me a PM and i can help you find one.
  4. Louis vuitton in edmonton has one and call 425-5300 and ask for louis vuitton.
  5. I'm in the states, but thank you anyway!
  6. 780
  7. 1-407-264-5290
    LV @ mall at millenia (orlando, FL)

    i was there yesterday and i tried one on!!! they should have it! so many sweet SA's there!

    LV @ Saks 5th, also in orlando, FL

    i saw one last weekend!!

    you should give them a call! manager's name is Oliver, he's sweet!:P :heart:
  8. Thanks Sophia, I'll give them a call in the morning!
  9. I also found the number to the one that I PM'ed you about. Let me know if you don't have luck with the other stores and I'll send it to you.
  10. ^ No problem, you guys are sooo sweet, thanks everyone for being so helpful!:tender: :blush:

  11. where are you located at? i was just in south coast plaza lv (in california) on tuesday and they have the stephen speedy there. the price is $2,072 and i don't know why ebay is selling them for $2,700.
  12. I am in Louisiana, the boutique here won't be reopen until December.
  13. Call South Coast Plaza and Neiman Marcus at Fashion Island Newport Beach. They have them there!