Help me find a MMK Gavsevoort

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  1. Today I went into the MK boutique in the mall and fell in love with a sales bag. The only color they had was a vanilla MMK Gavsevoort. The SA associate told me they came in different colors. I would love to find that bag in the large size in either walmut or black. She told me to try Macys, bloomingdales, nordstrom, or even the outlets. I looked in all the department stores but no luck. I was wondering if anyone seen them at the outlets. The outlets are a hour from me. Please help me find this beauty.
  2. I checked on ebay and there isn't one single one on there! Good luck with your search, I wonder how along ago this one was released - I can't believe there isn't even one on ebay.
  3. I would say to call the department stores and check to see if they have any......maybe another Bloomingdales, Macy's, Neiman Marcus, or Nordstroms would have one in stock... Good luck! I hope you find your bag!!!!
  4. I believe the model name is spelled Gansevoort...try searching that on ebay...several different models come up...hobos, satchels, etc...and different colors...including walnut.

    Also, Nordstrom has some on sale but only two colors / two styles...

    As far as the outlet, I *think* they have an outlet version of this bag as well.

    Good luck with your search! ;)
  5. hi, definitely check out know that they used to have them...good luck!