Help me find a miu miu bow satchel

  1. I've called several dept stores but they are sold out in the grey color (my first choice). I also like the black. Has anyone purchased their bow satchel from NM or Saks and have a item # so that I can have the online CS check for me. TIA
  2. Hi there!

    I would call the Miu Miu stores in NYC (I assume you are in the US). I was searching for the grey bow satchel myself last month to no avail. Then, by a stroke of luck, I found it at an boutique near my parents' house in NJ. Also, I remember my local Saks (Tyson's Galleria in VA) had the bow satchel in black and ivory around the same time.

    About two weeks ago, SAs from both the Madison Avenue and Soho Miu Miu stores called me to say that they were getting some in and were taking pre-orders. I declined since I found mine. It's worth a try if you really want the grey.

    I should add that NM only had it online (and it's the ivory color), never in their stores according to my SA. Saks still carries it, but not sure if they have the satchel online anymore. NAP also has it in chocolate brown.

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks so much for the info. I called the miu miu store & they waitlisted me for their shipment due in next week! They are going to do a charge send....I can't wait!!!! :smile:
  4. Congratulations! I hope that you end up getting yours soon!
  5. I saw a gray bow on eBay earlier. Looks authentic to me. Maybe you would like to do a search.
  6. Thanks for the info but mine will arrive next week. :yahoo:
  7. Congrats twigski...although if you're in SoCal and want to check out the bags in person, they do have one ivory and one black bow at Saks South Coast Plaza. All the other colors are sold out!
  8. Cruise started to arrive at NM and there is a new beautiful color for cruise and black should be coming back too!
  9. xoStephxo: what's the new color? I :heart: this bag!
  10. I really really really love the chocolate brown in small size.. I saw it 2 weeks ago in Holt Renfrew Toronto but I didn't get it.
    Now when I have decided to get it they don't have the bow satchel in brown anymore... they only have one in black... and it's the last one...

    Still... I still love the chocolate brown... Does anyone know where I can find the chocolate brown small bow satchel anywhere? :sad:

  11. Have you tried calling a Miu Miu store?
  12. i saw a pale violet colored one at NM in Boca Raton a day or so ago, a bow bag
    so gorgeous i started drooling right there in public
    it may be the color called "blush" but it looked like a pale lavender to me

    PM me for phone no. if interested, and name of SA(s)
  13. I live in Toronto. There is no miumiu store in Toronto... :crybaby:
    I really really wish there is one in Toronto... As I know, only Holt Renfrew carries miumiu bags, and they are sold out of the chocolate brown anymore...

    Since I have no way of getting the chocolate brown one in Toronto anymore, I am wondering if anyone knows if there the brown one is available online anywhere, so that I will be able to get one...... :sad:
  14. It's a rose color