Help me find a metallic rose gold clutch/evening bag

  1. Hello:smile: I have a metallic silver Chanel clutch and a metallic bronze/gold Chanel clutch. I have a growing collection of rose gold (lots of jewelry and a new pair of rose gold Prada sandals) and I need a rose gold clutch. I know that Louis Vuitton had a Limelight clutch in copper, but it seems really hard to find. Has anyone seen any other evening bags in a metallic rose gold color? I would consider bags with rose gold hardware too. I'm open to various brands, with the exception of Coach & D&B, which I don't care for at all. Thanks:flowers:
  2. After some research I found the Mulberry Alexa in pink champagne, which seems to be difficult to find. I also found that Rebecca Minkoff makes some "copper" colored bags and bags with rose gold hardware. When I do a search for rose gold hardware on the RM website, though, it lists bags that say "light gold" hardware. Does anyone know any particular RM styles that have RG hardware?
  3. Nothing? Hhhmmmm.... finding rose gold may be tougher than I thought:thinking:
  4. Hmm, I didn't think rose gold would be this hard to find! Some of these would compliment rose gold I think. None of them are quite what you're looking for though.

    Balenciaga does rose gold hardware on a lot of their styles, so those might also be worth a look.
  5. Ferragamo has been doing a lot of rose gold lately.

    Sorry I'm not much help...I've never matched a bag to jewelry or shoes in my life. :upsidedown:
  6. 1826829-p-DETAILED.jpg
  7. has these RM's with RG...(they have a couple black with RG HW ones too)
    81eeoRLuSNL._SL1500_.jpg 81VW+YRdX-L._SL1500_.jpg
  8. goldkelly.jpg
  9. I adore the Alexander McQueen clutches - owning one is on my wish list. I'd have to purchase one on sale though as I try not to go over $2000 on any one handbag purchase (my comfort level is around $1500).
  10. I know, I try not to be too match-matchy, but sometimes it gets the better of me...:p
  11. Yes, I've actually found a number of RM bags that could work. Not having seen them in real life though, I'm not sure if the copper metallic leather is tacky or not? I might just want to stick to a neutral RM with rose gold hardware.