Help me find a medium Betty in teal/petrol?

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  1. I *need* this bag. Where can I find one? I don't mind if it's used (as long as it's in good condition). Please help me! Thanks in advance! :flowers:
  2. I didn't know that they made a Betty in a teal color. Could you post pics? I can't wait to see what kind of blue they chose. Thanks! I have seen green/olive, chamois, tan, brown, black, white, grey, pewter. It proves to show that you learn something every day! :flowers:
  3. I don't have pics. I saw a woman carrying it the other day and I fell in love. It was sort of the same shade of blue as the Edith. I hope it exists. Could she have been carrying a fake? It was such a beautiful color. Does anyone know?
  4. Good it have been green? I really don't think it comes in blue.
  5. I've never seen a teal in betty either - sounds intriguing. I have only seen the colours BalenciagaLove mentionned as well.
  6. ^^^ That is definitely not the green. It's more like this green, but I think this bag is a fake, since all the other betty's I've seen don't have the ring at the zipper.
    green betty.jpg
  7. Correction: Apparently, the Spring 06 Betty styles do have the rings, whereas the Summer 06 styles do not have rings.

    I went perusing the BG, LVR, NM and the only one with the rings in them were the hobo. Here are some extra pics.
    grey betty.jpg grey clair betty.jpg pewter betty.jpg betty hobo.jpg betty hobo without ring.jpg betty tote.jpg brown betty.jpg chamois betty.jpg ivory betty.jpg
  8. Here are some pictures of the spring 06 betty's from Chloe. Notice the rings, but also the extra "nuts" on the attachments of the straps that are then missing on the Summer 06 Betty's.

    EDIT: Also the lock on the side of the Spring 06 Bettys are missing on the Summer 06 Bettys.
    chloe spring betty.jpg chloe spring betty2.jpg chloe spring betty3.jpg
  9. i have a chamois betty which is actually out being worked on for dye transfer. but the teal one does not look real to me..i have seen almost all the colors and i have not seen that one. the pea green is the only one in that family i think they make. i have also found that when the opening bid is that much lower than what they cost IRL they are fake. the faux ones of all bags tend to come many different colors...the fake B bags i see for sale on the streets of new york are in shades balenciaga never made....
  10. I know that the auction is for a fake Betty but I was hoping that the color existed in reality. It's so pretty and such a verstatile shade that would go great with jeans. I thought that since the Edith came in teal, the Betty might too but apparently not. Thanks for your help everyone. Maybe Chloe will produce the Betty in a similar color in the future...
  11. The Edith is in turquoise, not teal. The thing is that I'm not 100% sure that there isn't a teal/petrol for a Betty. It wouldn't surprise me. Until yesterday, I didn't even know that they made a turquoise Gladys that is just marvelous. I wouldn't write it off quite yet. Have you considered calling the Chloe boutique and finding out if it was ever made?
  12. My bag must be from the Spring Collection as it has the rings, extra nuts as well as the lock. Also my bag has gold and silver hardware (a detail which I actually love) which Chloe NYC told me they did not do in the later collection. Funny how little things suddenly disappear or how they add little details here and there as the design evolves...
  13. traceyd I had something brush up against my betty the other day as there were a few dark streaks however whatever it was came right off with a baby wipe - my heart skipped a few beats for a moment there!