Help me find a LunchBox....With Style ;-)

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  1. I really don't eat lunch out in the afternoons...When I go out I take a 1 big bottle of evian water and 2 protein shakes and SOMETIMES a small salad (in a tupperware)...what I need to find is a Designer (MAYBE) or something to carry this stuff in that looks good....
    Ask ideas????
    If so post pictures PLEASE....I live in Florida so I need something that I can put a ice pack in also to keep the stuff cool...
  2. Ha Ha! The eternal dilemma. When you find one, let me know, will you? :P

    What I usually end up doing is slogging down to my office, in my Elgin tote every Monday, a week's worth of (well wrapped!) lunch supplies and snacks, and keeping what needs to be refrigerated down there in the office fridge. It seems I still have to slip a small something something in my bag or my pocket every day, but it has eliminated the need for a seperate lunch tote or bag, which I also tried and hated carrying back and forth on the bus every day as it cluttered my style! :lol:

    The next best thing I found is to use those little paper gift bags or small bags with straw handles from the shops - easy enough to have several in a variety of colors and themes, and I can always fold them up and stick them in my bag for the trip home.

    Would love to hear any creative ideas from other brown baggers .... :idea:
  3. Oohh I like the Milano ones!
  4. You know what would be cute? Get one of those vintage plastic lunchboxes (with Wonderwoman or Strawberry Shortcake, or something.)

    Go to

    They've got a wide selection. (Not just the plastic ones, but also the canvas and metal ones.)
  5. I have the same dilemma aswell so if any other pf have some other ideas as well I would really appreciate it! :flowers:
  6. ooh I like - thanks - also am looking for funky tupperware (is such a thing exists!! LOL)
    I thought MAYBE I WAS LOL
    You all gave GREAT IDEAS....Maybe I can ask LV to make me one:idea: :graucho: imagine;)
    ANYWAY Keep the idea's and pictures coming..WE ALL NEED NICE Lunch carrier's ......SINCE we all carry great handbags:heart:
  8. ^^ You must certainly aren't - hoping some other great pf members will post some other really good buys!:yes:
  9. I carry my Mr. Bento lunch box in a vintage Gucci drawstring bucket bag.
  10. the mj lunch box bag? i dont have it but it looks cute too.
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