Help me find a Lita Hobo on sale please? Leather?

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I love this bag and I finally found the leather hobo in black and fuchsia on sale and I ordered both a few days ago. I was so excited! I've never had a botkier before and I got them for a steal! Then they called today and said that they oversold them and they dont have any in stock to fill my order. So there goes my bargain. I really would like to have this bag but I'd like it better if it was on sale! I cant even find it anywhere in leather full price or not. If I buy it in Nylon will i be dissapointed? I'm really hard on my bags and I had read that the nylon bags are not as durable as the leather. Is this true? Can any of you help me?
  2. Ebay is where I look for bags that are sold out elsewhere.

    I've not seen the nylon, but someone else said it looked cheap to her. The leather ones are really nice - it's good leather.
  3. Thanks for the reply, I'll keep searching for the leather Lita.
  4. Damn, I'm THISCLOSE to purchasing the nylon lita for work since i came to the conclusion that nylon would be more work appropriate and durable, but I really, really prefer leather and I don't want a bag that looks cheap. :\ It looks beautiful in the photos ... but I suppose it's suppose to.
  5. The leather one is gorgeous. :love:
  6. Thanks so much ladies, I just got a leather Lita from funkylala!