help me find a less expensive version of this!

  1. so i loveeeee this ring but my finances won't allow it at this time. anyone have any suggestions on a similar style but less expensive?? thanks!
  2. Does it need to be solid gold and/or diamonds/gems? Please share your tolerance level and I'm sure you'll get help.
  3. haha sorry- no gold flash or gold plate would be fine. i like the gems but they don't need to be like those specifically, basically i'd just like a nice yellow gold band ring! thanks
  4. Um, can I please ask your budget? Because I have an idea....
  5. maybe 500 or less?
  6. Try -- they have zillions of rings.
  7. I would ask one of the Bling Artists that post here, like Casto Creations, to make it for you.
  8. Who are the bling artists? How do they do that - I've never heard of it?
  9. You can click the link below and PM CastoCreations, and visit her website.

    I know I have seen other Bling Artists post here, and I apologize for not remembering their names, maybe they will see this thread and reply to it, or PM you! :smile:
  10. Ah,'re so sweet! :smile: I would actually HIGHLY recommend Japster...she works a lot in gold and I'm sure she can do something like these.

    I make a lot of things but not gold rings yet! Maybe someday. lol
  11. They have these stacker rings from tiffanys with different stone in them, I think just 1 stone though, the prices varies by stone but they're usually around $200 USD?