Help me find a jacket/trench for spring! Have you found yours yet?

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  1. Hello everyone :smile:

    I really need your help with suggestions and tips regarding jackets and trenches for spring! I'm searching high and low for the perfect one but I can't seem to find one..

    Perhaps you have found yours and would like to share it with the rest of us? :flowers:

    I appreciate all the suggestions that I can get :biggrin: Thank you!
  2. My burberry trench.
  3. i love my Gryphon trenches! i have one design called the 'skirt' (in tan) and another called the 'timeless' (army green).

    i would love a classic Burberry one day, but it doesn't really fit in with my style for now. so i'm a big fan of the 2 i have from Gryphon! here's a pic of the 'skirt' trench- the fabric is kind of crinkly, and i love the belts that come with these jackets- you can kinda see the gold one that i got with this one.
  4. A true classic :yes:

    That's a great trench! I'm glad that you've found yours :biggrin:
  5. You look fantastic!

    I saw an inexpensive one at H&M I quite liked, it is a stone-colored parka that you can rusch at the waist, $50.

    Burberry is always classic.

  6. I live in my J.Crew Icon trench, it's really classic!
  7. BURBERRY! love it, love it, love it
  8. I found a black trench at the Michael Kors boutique in Vegas. I have a red trench from a few years back, and have never had a black trench to carry me thru all seasons. At $200 it was quite reasonable and fits perfectly.
  9. Is this the one you mean? :smile:

  10. Haha, yes it's gorgeous!

    That sounds great! Have you got any pictures?
  11. Right now I have this jacket (from last spring) from Juicy that I think I'll use a bit this spring as well.. But I want something else as well :smile:

  12. ^^^cute! Have you ever looked at Boden? They have a few super cute little spring coats right now.
  13. Boden? What's that? :smile: