Help me find a huge hillier hobo in black! :)

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  1. ETA: I forgot to say PLEASE in the title! I'm sorry!!! :flowers:

    I called the MbyMJ boutique in Savannah (Joshua is my favorite SA there) and he said they only have it in Cream and none remain in the country. Nordstrom has them online but ship date is June something.

    (in case you're wondering, I decided against the Miu Miu, hehe).

    I LOVE the large size so I don't want the smaller one :sad:

    If any of you have spotted the large Hillier hobo in black, please let me know!

  2. They have the regular size hillier hobo in black at Bergdorf Goodman. I bought hillier hobo in black from BG. But last week i bought the faridah in midnight at Barneys (Southcoast plaza) and they had the huge hillier hobo there. Try calling them! Good luck!
  3. lol, I love the Miu Miu theory. They sent me the wrong bag and I got the bow shopper instead...and I do not love the bow at all. So I don't think I'll love the bow satchel either. :sad:

    The Hillier from shopbop is the small one but thank you for trying!!! :heart:
  4. Oh oh oh! I think I found one!!!!!
    I will update when I get the confirmation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Update: YES! There is one on the way! Eugene from the Barneys store in NYC found one for me at the San Francisco store and it's being sent out today!!!! Thank you Ms.G for recommending Barneys!!!!
  5. You are welcome! Enjoy!! :yahoo:
  6. Whoo hooo! So fun to track something down. Would love to see pics after you receive it!