HELP me find a Gustto!!!!! PLEASE!!

  1. I saw a large Gustto Baca at Nordstrom in a beige with black patent trim. It looks like this, but dif colors...[​IMG]... I love it, but can't find it online anywhere!!
    Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:hysteric:
  2. it's probably a new spring patient, it will show up soon :smile:
  3. Have you checked That's where I've looked for Gustto bags before.
  4. I havent found it online either so I will be paying full price for it at Nordstroms. If anyone sees it online with a code plz let me know , they only had one at my Nordstroms.
  5. did it turn out to be the "winter white" color? just wondering cuz i really like that color combination on the baca.

    hope you ended up finding that bag! :smile:
  6. I have this bag. Love it! got so many compliments at work.. I'm so glad I got the Big Baca though...t he regular one just seems so small!
  7. They're also having a sale at label360: if you plug in the code "25Fab" at checkout, you get an additional 25% off!! It's already down from $770 to $577.50, and another 25% off makes it $433!
  8. I also wrote to Label360 about matching Revolve Clothing's new customer discount. They agreed to, asking me what I wanted so that they could email a code to me!!! That's 30% off the sale price!
  9. that is def. the big baca going by measurements
  10. I think the deal on Ebay for BIN $299 is the best deal. Someone posted the seller already.