Help me find a great price on RM mini MAB

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  1. I dont have one, and I want my first. I was wondering, where can I get one at a great price. Bloomies only has the dream bag and I havent heard anything about that one. Also, ebay seems like they are still high price. I am watching some. Where can I get a great deal. I dont mind use. HELP:yahoo:
  2. --> grechen25 (25% off) or toutie30 (30% off.. dont know if it works) --> grechen (20% off?)
  3. I loved great service.
  4. Thanks I am going to try it:tup:
  5. No luck on one I want. BUt they have the tangerine in stock
  6. Decide on a bag you want, and email

    Not all bags are on their site...