Help Me find a Great Brown 07 First or City

  1. I am craving a Brown bbag, Either a First or a City with RH, but don't want anything with too much reddish tones.
    What is the comparison of Truffle or Mogano? Are those the only browns available now?
    I'd love a chocolaty yummy brown! I have a gorgeous Chloe in Chocolat, maybe something similar.
    Thanks so much!
  2. how about an 06 colour like marron? or cafe but it's a very dark brown. i was deciding between AR's marron first and their other styles in mogano and Diabro's mogano first for quite a while. i don't think you want mogano as it has a reddish hue to it. it looks a lil like 05 chocolate. oh they're all nice in their own way!

    i suggest putting the pictures from the Brown Club side by side so you can get dizzy and busy deciding :graucho: 07 truffle looks quite red-brown under certain lighting whereas 06 truffle is more 'yellow'. oh they're all nice in their own way...
  3. Thanks Glossie! I looked at the reference section but not under clubs-great idea. I guess I am trying to figure out which brown would be in the stores now. When I call Neimans, they tell me brown! DUH!
  4. :lol: do tell us what you decide on in the end, :okay:? i do believe the leathers of f/w 07 browns are :tup: going by the testimonies here. they appear really desirable too :girlsigh:
  5. Thanks Glossie! I went to Barneys in Beverly Hills today and got alook at three different browns-all gorgeous. The SA called them all brown, when I asked for specifics!
    I think I will get truffle from Neimans.
  6. yey chloebagfreak!! we'll be truffle twins (if you decide to get that one)!!
  7. Yay! But I think I'm getting the First, I don't think they had the City....
    If thats the one posted on your Avatar, that would be awesome!
  8. I adore my cinnamon twiggy... I highly recommend the cinnamon colour
  9. The hardest part is that so few SA's know the colors, so I will post it when I get one and we can figure it out!
  10. This is my Truffle First from diabro. I believe its from 07. I got it at 860 i think. But i have to say the leather is less than fantastic. I rem reading somewhere some ladies here had issues with the leather too..

  11. chpwhy > maybe cos it's a s/s 07? seems f/w 07 leathers like sienna and cinnamon are truly delectable. my new cinnamon work's waiting for me at home. i will compare the leather to my s/s 07 white city's. i'm also curious about the difference between agneau and chevre. btw, i think your truffle first looks good :smile:

    guccilove > i like your truffle! i thought it might be a sienna. i'd wanted a sienna something in my collection but i'd also wanted a work.
  12. Wow CHPWHY, I think your truffle First looks good from here! Is the leather dry or too thin?
    Guccilove- How is the leather on yours? Is it good?
  13. The leather is definitely on the thin side, i have used it prob less than 10times and all the tassles have split.. :crybaby: Bbags leather are so inconsistent, its a surprise everytime. haa..
  14. I agreed with your experience there. Last i went they referred to me that ink is purple...and I was like :wtf: that is heartbreaking to find the SA don't study Bbag before selling to customers. about "mogano" with a hint of reddish touch. but that is just me.
  15. I don't know if this helps but here are some pictures of my City in Mogano/Cinnamon. It does have some reddish undertones but the leather is amazing!!! It is the chewiest:smile: And the color reminds me more of fudge brownies than cinnamon

    From left to right: indoors with flash, indoors without flash, natural light (afternoon light)
    DSC00957.jpg DSC00959.jpg DSC00963.jpg