help me find a gift for my whatcha ma call it..!

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  1. So my bf's mom needs a new handbag!! What should we get her??? She loves white handbags but i think she should get a black one she could use everyday...

    she doesnt seem the type of person that would change her purses often!!

    I know she wouldnt like somehting in leather, but NOT the ergo!!

    Maybe something classic? momlike?

    what do u guys think???

    HELP HELP HELPPP ME!!! thanks so much!
  2. How about someithing from the legacy line. Here is my white ali, they also come in black.

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  3. Can't go wrong with the Hampton's carryall.
  4. Agreed. The Ali is beautiful and classy!
  5. Hey, I am a Mom of grown sons and I like some pretty cool stuff! :blah: LOL Anyway, not sure what you want to spend but some suggestions would be an Ali, a Hampton Carryall, A Soho Hobo- I have the large in black and it's a bag that appeals to most Moms and it is very reasonably priced.
  6. ^^Great minds think alike!^^:yes:
  7. I would pick up my mom a black leather Carly!
  8. handbaglver and ranskimmy i love the white bags

    and everyone else thanks for the suggestions!! i am tottally lost right now! im tottally into funky bags so its hard for me to find a conservative bag haha! and LIblue...i agree you have WONDERFUL taste, your daughter in law is going to be REALLY REALLY LUCKY!!!

    there is no real price point (thanks to my PCE card haha)

    thanks for the options so far girls....PLEASE keep them comming in!!

    (and help me suck up ;) hahahahah jk)
  9. thansk coachnut

    darn it i know she holds a good amount of stuff ARHHHH this is harder than i thought haha
  10. what about the white leather legacy bag ziptop that one is cute
  11. What about a Coach legacy zip?Coach - COACH LEGACY LEATHER SHOULDER ZIP

    I have this and it holds quite a bit. It comes in black or white and ofcourse it has the beautiful Legacy stripes inside. It fits so comfortable on your shoulder.