Help me find a functional bag charm!


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Jan 26, 2007
I've found that it's a bit of a drag to open and close zippers all the time, especially on my Speedy, which usually requires me to hold the tab in order to zip up the zipper. Maybe the bag is stiff because it's new, but I've made up my mind to get a bag charm to hang on the outside to access keys, change and maybe my ID.

I will tell you all what I have tried: I wanted a pomme cles but I tried one and it was too stiff to fit even my car keys. I also tried all the other cles and they fit my keys but I want something bright that will pop against my damier ebene & azur bags. The SA told me that the MC cles is also stiff.

A fellow tpf'er suggested the MC pochette MM. It can apparently hold a cellphone along with keys and other miscellaneous items. I haven't seen it IRL yet, it sounds tempting but I wanted to see what everyone else thinks as well.

What do you all suggest? I have a mini pochette but the chain is a bit long and I already use it as a makeup bag. TIA!


Jan 5, 2007
Cles are too small IMO, I would try another pochette. =) I know exactly what you mean by the zippers, it's much more usefull to have it in something hanging on the outside. Plus it looks nice too.

I think some of the cles will soften by time. Try to leave it in the sun for a while and it should soften a bit quicker. Also, I think the mini lin is softer from the start. There are also some small, pochettelike products in the mini lin series like the cancun clutch.

In vernis you have the flat pouch and the heart purse.

In Denim there's the useful speedy case in two sizes.

In monogram there are even more options, but you wanted a pop of colour so maybe that's out of the question. Anyways check out the badge key holder, multicles rabat, pochette tulum and portefeuille accordeon


Apr 30, 2006
I think the pochette MM is too large to put outside the bag. It is 6" long and plus the key ring? My black MC really REALLY clashes with mono or damier. Just awful looking! Don't care, love it inside - it looks awesome inside damier.

What about wapity? Loop the strap around the bag's strap? Wapity plus extender? Uh oh, now I want that. Wapity is 4.5x2x3 or so right? Maybe bulky but shre is cute.
Jan 9, 2006
a mini lin rond would hold keys & change!


or maybe the denim speedy case?


if you are stuck on vernis, a pomme heart coin purse would hold keys & change, but no ID, if you can still find one.


Apr 30, 2006
How would you hook the Rabat to the purse?
How about the Berlingot? The shape is too cute. Good for keys and maybe change. Pretty sure cards wouldn't work.
Pochette Tulum? Too cute with the snap.
Badge and key holder? Not sure if it has the hooks on the inside like the other snapped key holders.

I love the shape of the denim speedy case. The little push lock is just too wonderful.