Help me find a dress for Ritz Carlton ballroom party

  1. It's my mom 25th anniversary party ar Ritz-Carlton ballroom. Her theme color is dusty pink with silver.

    me & my 2 sisters need dresses, I'll look around but didn't find any that I really like. (we're 5'1-5'2", 90-95 lbs). I was thinking silver minidress with stones/ or something sparkey, but my mom kind of insisted on long dresses.
    I'm thinking black, grey, silver or nude color for my dress. My sister could live with pink, I'm not.

    any ideas? the party will be on August.

    - P
  2. Maybe post pics of things you are considering. I wouldnt go for a full length gown. I would do more of a cocktail dress. Especially if it is in August.
  3. Whereabouts is this? Is it in las Vegas? Or London?
    ^that pic isn't very cute, but i've tried that dress on and it's amazing
    ^look at the back!
    ^i have this in light pink - it's soooo adorable
    ^i also have this. it is my favorite dress.

    i know none of these are full length, but i really think there's a way to make a knee-length dress very formal.
  5. I live in Vegas, but the party will be in my home country in Asia.
    The problem being..My mom & the rest of our Asian family.. they are more show-y and like fancier dresses (In another word, busy looking dresses with jewels, sequins, ribbons, etc) than Americans. While me.. I like simpler dress with flattering cut and fine detailing. then grab a nice diamond necklace, bracelet or rings to accesorize.. ;p
    She almost never like my pick because they're either too simple or the color is always black, grey, nude , at most dark blue or red. She likes pink and pastel colors. But, I'm the shopper in the family.. gah..hard to do because we have opposite taste.

    But, since this is her party, I'll cave in a bit and find fancier dresses. Don't know if these dresses are fancy enough for her taste.

    Here are some of the dresses I'm considering but nothing I really fell in love with.

    cynthiarowleyshopbop.jpg DevelopmentNAP.jpg foleyshopbop.jpg
    JillStuartNAPsale.jpg PhilipLimNAP.jpg [​IMG]

    I have this dress but I'm pretty sure my mom won't approve
  6. ^YAY, you posted one of the dresses i did :smile:

    the jill stuart one with sequins that's the in the first column, second row is gorgeous IRL. I wore it to a formal event in May with black satin ballet flats... I'm obsessed with it. I got it in NYC for $250... off of like $800!
  7. Thanks so much for those links.. I'm going to pass it on to my sis and mom.. see if they find anything they like. You have great tase in dresses.
  8. How's the fit? run big or small?
    they still have sz 0 and 2 *I'm dancing in my bed right now*:tup: it's on sale for $400+.. great price

  9. it runs pretty TTS... I am a 4/6 and mine is a 6, and I have a little extra room.

  10. Aw, thanks! I do love dresses :yes:
  11. 1. the Jill Stuart dress with the bow does come in silver. it was on sale at net-a-porter but I think they only have a 10 now... can't remember. I know Macy's in SF has the silver in a lot of sizes. You could try calling there. I'll also look for it online.

    2. The Cynthia Rowley fits pretty TTS. It is so gorgeous IRL. If you love the pictures, you'll LOVE the dress when you put it on!!!
    Here it is on... scroll down about half way:

  12. Thank you :yahoo: I just found cynthia rowley website... (my mom's poor wallet.. here I come..)

  13. has it in pink in a 2 - would you like that?

    Also, you could try calling the Jill Stuart flagship store in NYC... it's in SoHo... here's the info:

    100 Greene Street
    New York, NY 10012
    tel 1 (212) 343-2300
    fax 1 (212) 343-9520

    if they don't have it, they could probably track down your size for you!