Help me find a digital camera!

  1. Hi Girls,

    I need a digital camera recommendation. I want to buy a SMALL and lightweight yet DECENT digital camera for travel. I have a Canon powershot but it's just too big and bulky. I am going back to Paris soon and I'd like to find something to take with me that will fit in my purse and not feel like a brick that is being carried around all day.

    Any suggestions? TIA :heart:
  2. My friend bought a Canon Powershot sd30 just for our Eurotrip and it's been really awesome. It's very small - about the size of an old school Nokia cell phone and it's quite fast, there's very little delay between taking photos. It alos uses lithium ion batteries, a bonus for me since it lasts so much more than alkaline !

    And it comes in different colours ! :yes:

  3. I wanted soemthing light that was quick on teh start up and between pics as well, also it HAD to have a decent battery.
    I bought the Fuji F10, weird because I ALWAYS buy Canon or Nikon, but it had great reviews, was cheap and promised what I wanted.

    I LOVE this little bad boy! LOL!

    The battery lasts me at least an entire weekend and that's using it all teh time that weekend, the battery lasts a REALLY long time.
    The start up is faster than other digi's and the lag between shots is super quick too.
    I'm sure there's a new and improved model, but for the price you can't beat it.

    Oh, and my pics have been fantastic! Super sharp and colors have been pretty true - very little Photoshopping sicen I got it ;)
  4. I broke my canon powershot at the beach last month..SO I came home and ordered the Canon Powershot SD550 ELPH..ITS TINY and the quality is ACTUALLY Better than my last camera.I ordered thru DELL..and got 20 % off(It was 300 ish)plus free shipping.
    It has 7.1 megapixels..whatever that means..LMAO!
  5. I was in the same dilemna! I wanted a small camera that could fit in a small purse, my ski suit, or my that my hubby could carry in his pocket. I bought the Sony Cybershot T9, with 6 megapixels. The quality is terrific and it is simple to use. It is super thin and so easy to travel with.:yes:
  6. I highly recommend the Canon Powershot sd30 as ayla mentioned it.
    The Sony Cybershot T9 is pretty slim + efficient to use at the same time.
    Good luck with your purchase :smile:
  7. get lumix wide angle and auto correct
  8. I have this camera, I also got it from Dell. =)
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  9. I'd also recommend another Canon or a Sony. To get the slim Sony, it'll cost more though for basically the same quality, but the Canon would be slightly fatter (depth). I got the Canon Powershot SD300 more than 2 years ago and it still works great and I carry it out with me all the time including out to clubs and such, so it's SUPER lightweight! And with 2 years that has passed.. I'm sure the new styles are even MORE lightweight, sleeker, and have better functions/specs including megapixels for the price. Also, if you get another Canon, at least you'll be familiar with the various buttons and so forth since you already own a powershot! They should be pretty similar!
  10. Thanks for all the suggestions! Super! I am going to have Mr. Roo look at them since he's sort of a photo guru and see which would be best. I just hate missing taking photos when I travel but carrying around a camera that feels like a brick doesn't work either.
  11. YAY for Fuji! Another big fan of fuji cameras here... I've owned 3 digi cams since 2000 (Fuji, Sony, and Canon)... I am about to purchase my next one, the Fuji F30, since the price recently dropped.

    I have played around with the F10 before, and read lots of reviews when I started looking for a camera last year. I was about to get the F10, but learned that the F11 was soon to be released... and shortly after that one the F30, which came out last May.

    When checking out reviews, and looking at comparison photos, the F30 had awesome image quality. A key feature is that these cameras are great for taking pics in low lighting conditions.

    Roo, I would definitely recommend taking a look at either the F10 or F30 models. There are many extensive reviews on digi cams online, just be sure to do the research and compare. You should be able to find what will work best for your needs. ;)
  12. I got that! I love it. The quality is great and it has a nifty anti-shake feature... great for parties ;)
  13. Tee hee, do you call Mr. Roo that ? :biggrin:
  14. I have a Canon SD450 that am happy with. I think it has more features than I know how to use LOL. I used to have a Sony T7 which was slim and light but the response time between shots wasnt great.
  15. How about the Nokia N93? It has got everything and it's so compact > phone, MP4 player, radio, 3.2 megapixel camera & video camera. I have one, and I love it! A 2 GB mini SD chip can capture about 120 min of videos. And each chip is so tiny!