Help me find a decent Satchel

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  1. I have been looking for a standard Black Satchel for a longggg time now!
    Just want something simple yet classy. A typical everyday bag that I can also carry to work.
    With tons of sales around - Dont feel like spending anything over $200.

    So ladies ...please please please...need your inputs.

    b/w I live in nyc so I can check out the 'hotspot' so help me find them.

  2. check out have a lot of different bags and if you use the code "grechen" you get 20% off...i happen to be a satchel lover...there is a huge sale going on now at longchamps...their leather bags are gorgeous and some of them are 50% off....i'll keep thinking!
  3. I recommend the marc by MJ Dr. Q Groovee Satchel..,default,pd.html
    It retails for around $450-$500 but if you search around you may be able to find one on ebay/sale.. I have the first edition in a Cognac brown Pebble leather.. Its one of those bags that grows on you--I love it more every day and carry it everywhere!

    If I were you I would take a stroll down Bleeker in the W. Village. I just went sample shopping for work there this week and hit Ruehl, juicy, Marc, Coach, etc.. there are tons of sales. I got 2 great leather Juicy bags at the boutique for $198 and $225 respectively.
    I was also surprised to find Steven by Steve Madden has some really cute stuff..
    this one is $192 at Zappos.. the shop has some great stuff on clearence! Including ALL clearance boots for $100 !!!
  4. also.. Verve Accessories has a ton of great stuff and much of it is currently up to 60% off.. they carry everything from Linea Pelle to Hayden Harnett. (theres a shoe store and a separate "accessories" handbag shop a block away from each other.
    Definately a best kept secret in NYC