Help me find a cute canvas bag

  1. I've been looking for a canvas bag for a knockaround bag, especially with summer coming. I kind of like the looks of this one by Lucky Brand, but I ordered it from Zappos and it was really huge (and I like big bags) and the straps were really stiff. The straps put me off more than the size. I'm also open to canvas tote/grocery bag type bags too. Any ideas?

    Lucky Brand


    Same bag closed:

  2. I love angry little girls bags. They are cheap and fun (and pretty good quality canvas). I have the rainy day one below (apparently I used to say that phrase in college), and I really want the other one :p
    yhst-48655173025862_1946_184830.jpg yhst-48655173025862_1945_4716521.jpg
  3. Personally, I think that Lucky bag is CUTE! Try checking out the canvas Rafe bag from target.
  4. I just got this Harajuku Lovers tote. I love the little oranges. :smile:

  5. Fossil has cute canvas bags that are great to throw around. Here is one from eBay. They are cheap too.

  6. Transfermation:

    Another excellent bagmaker on Etsy: babybugboutique - you can specify canvas and choose from the fabrics she has available.

    Canvas tote by craftysassi

    I like this one:

    Not canvas but can be thrown around :smile:


  7. If you have a TJ Maxx or Marshall's in your area, you could probably find tons of canvas bags dirt cheap. I know there was a ton of Harajuku Lovers stuff at my local TJ Maxx when last I visited.
  8. I saw a Ralph Lauren canvas tote (black bag with red pony) at TJ Maxx recently for $30. It was really cute, but I think if I purchased one, I would buy the pink pony and contribute to a good cause simultaneously. Both bags are $115 at
    pPOLO2-1505236_lifestyle_v330.jpg pPOLO2-2183288_standard_v330.jpg
  9. I don't know if you have a Gap Outlet by you, but I just got the cutest canvas bag from there, for a knock around bag and when I don't want to bring one of my more expensive ones... (Like to go to the dirt bike track, etc.) It was nice looking, a medium size, and only $6.99!!!

    Also, I only got the clutch, but TJ Maxx had some really cute Harajuku Girls canvas bags...

    Good luck!! :smile: