help me find a city cornflower

  1. I finally had the chance to go to my local NM and saw the bbags in person. I think they have the cornflower (my dream color) in work or weekender. It was too big for me. I wish they have it in city.
    That's what I figured out from visit... I like the city better than the first.

    The SA was not sure if the color was cornflower but it definitely was not blueberry.
    They tried to look up in the system and it stays bleu something....
  2. It was probably bleu gris, I'm not going to be any help one what it looks like in real life, but I was going to order a bag from NM and my SA said that was the only blue they had in stock right now....

    The store she called (the one that had it in stock)said it was like a turquoise blue... That's all I know... This was at the beginning of the week and is accurate from what she told me, if they had other colors - then they weren't presented to me!! ;)