Help me find a Cirrus!

  1. Hey guys!

    I've decided I want a Cirrus. :p

    If you see one, please let me know! I'm on all the WL's in Hawaii, but I'm impatient as hell.

  2. You are just too FUNNY!
  3. Omg, this is like gold miroir pap all over again. I'm obsessed with this bag and will be until I get my slimey hands on it.
  4. I am waiting for this too and getting impatient! I even bought a bag I'm not sure I even want just to hold me over...
  5. I hope we get one! It's so pretty!

    LOL, I know what you mean, I need some bags to hold me over until I get mine!
  6. did you get WL on the outer islands?
  7. lol I bet I know which bag that is! I so hope you girls get this bag. It's sooo cute. Btw- hi ILOVEPURSES! Happy weekend! :smile:
    Can't wait to see photos. Lots of photos! :yahoo:
  8. My friend just returned it ! ( in NM Houston ) .You may try to call them and see if it still available.By the way I've got my Nimbus ! Yeh !!!:yahoo:
  9. I am going to post photos soon...They still didn't have my Cirrus...I went back to the boutique today to return the other bag...but it ended up staying with me and brought a friend along...

    Have a good weekend too!!! (and can't wait to hear about your new goodies as well!!!:graucho: )
  10. More shipments of the Cirrus will be popping up soon!!! per my SA
  11. how much is the cirrus? i like the frame style of the bag and the single strap as opposed to the nimbus' double chunky strap.
  12. Troy MI Boutique had Cirrus on display today
  13. good luck on your search Emily. pray to the LV gods they give you one soon. this is the only Olympe bag i like :yes:
  14. The LV website UK has cirrus :yes: but i dont think that really helps.. lol
  15. I think it's $2,7xx + tax.