Help me find a Chloe

  1. Im trying to find a Chloe Paddington Tan/Tabacco handbag and require your help. I initially started to look 2 weeks ago and came across dozens of "supposedly chloe paddington authentic or replica chloe paddington bags " on eBay and other sites.

    Since I don't know what is a real Chloe bag as the fakes look extremely good and even come with "labels , stickers , receipts " I therefor need your help.

    I know the bags arent cheap so if anyone can show me in the direction of real/genuine chloe paddington tan handbags I would really appreciate it.

    I don't mind it it comes from eBay or from a store thus must be real as its a birthday present/valentines present rolled into one for my partner.

    obviously im looking to get it a the lowest price possible. thus it must be in new condition.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  2. Keep your eye on the Chloe finds thread - they turn up on eBay quite often and will be posted there.

    Neimans also has some good sales, as does NAP, but you have to be quick. What price range are you comfortable with? Obviously, if you buy it from a store, it will most likely be more expensive than an eBay find, although authenticity is pretty much guaranteed. It depends what you are willing to give more weight to.
  3. tried searching on newman and nap but they don't have the colour I am looking for.

    Having checked Net a porter it brings up a while/cream paddington 08 at around £800 uk pounds.

    Im looking for a new tan/mustard/tabacco paddington . Pricing wise im looking to pay as low as possible but at the same time im realistic. So if anyone knows any stores that currently have the Tan paddington in stock then please point me to the links thanks
  4. Here's a whiskey/muscade on eBay that looks good. It's not tan or tobacco, but you might have better luck if you look at similar colours. Please have it authenticated in the ATC if you are interested: 170186101642

    I don't know where you are, but this one looks like it's in Spain.
  5. I a boutique in the UK that sells them for 800 pounds sterling but currently out of stock, and they say 2 weeks. so fingers crossed ill be able to get one for my girl in two weeks.