Help me find a checkbook cover/wallet ...

  1. I'm looking for a little cover to put my checkbook in. I don't want the whole checkbook wallet thing, because I just got a new wallet and happen to like it, but I do need something to put my checkbook in when I need to carry it around. Something preferably leather, but anything other than the plastic ones with inserts of kittens and tress would be fine ... :biggrin:
  2. I bought a Coach one and I love it. The leather is great.
  3. I like the LV checkbook cover
  4. ^^^I love that pink one (the last one). Too cute.
  5. JupiterbyJo cheque book.jpg
  6. Oooh, those are cute! So many to choose from. :biggrin:
  7. I have a coach checkbook cover too. I love it. If you are near a coach outlet you should drop in and see if they have any on sale.
  8. OMG I WAS JUST GOING TO MAKE THIS THREAD TODAY AS WACHOVIA SENT ME MY NEXT BATCH OF CHECKS!! lol great minds think alike at times like this!
  9. ^^ ooh, I like the first design on the middle one! lotus, so pretty.

    does coach sell just the checkbook cover? I've only seen the ones with the wallet attached.