Help Me Find A Cape


Mar 18, 2012
I have been dying for a cape to wear out. Not too light because winters can be harsh here in NYC. I love the ones that have structure in the front and ones that have a belt. However, I can never find one in store.

Have you seen one like this.


Dec 25, 2009
Check out this post:

It's all about capes and she has some links as to wear to shop for one.

ETA: I love the look of a cape and wish it it got a little colder down here so I could have an excuse to wear one!

Great link!

I bought a cape this year on clearance at Last Call, and am sewing another one. Most of the patterns are actually really easy, as the styles are pretty simple.
Nov 13, 2013
Brunello Cucinelli had one at my local Saks about a month ago. So you could ask them. It was camel structured cashmere with a brown belted waist. If you find it and like it, I would assume it would be a part of the sale on Black Friday. You could also look in Max Mara. I am a huge fan of everything in the store! They typically offer quite a few capes. I also saw a gorgeous faux fur Chloe on eBay, that I remember seeing in Bergdorf's. I remember it being very warm when I tired it on, but at that time I opted for a camel coat. It is a buy it now, and I am debating it. You could also look at that. Just my suggestions, though! Best of luck! :biggrin: