Help me find a burnt orange bag?

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  1. I’m dreaming of summer, including a great summer bag. I’ve been obsessed with the idea of a burnt or dark orange bag for a while, but I haven’t been able to find one that fits the bill. It should be medium or large, not too structured, have no or minimal logos, and have a casual vibe. Pre-loved is fine, and I’d like to keep the price under $1500. I fell in love with the Bottega Veneta in the photo maybe two years ago and am still thinking about it (the color is “Arizona”), but couldn’t find it anywhere.


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  2. Chloe and Mulberry have some tones similar to this out now.
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  3. Will check these out, thanks!
  4. Thank you, JolieS! I LOVE the Valextra Terracotta ❤️❤️❤️. Celine has a color called terracotta too, but it looks quite brown in some pictures. This looks perfect!
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  5. Bottega is still doing beautiful burnt oranges. What about the Cassette bag?

  6. You know, I never think to use this color for summer, but it does make sense! I know it's not luxury designer, but I have a Coach 1941 duffle in the chili color that sounds like what you are looking for. The leather on these are amazing, I have one in a winter white color too. They are no longer on their site, but you may find one second hand. Significantly lower priced than your budget range. 20180913_074504.jpg
  7. Arizona is fabulously-fab.

    My Gucci Soho Disco is the same in Suede (I think from 2015)
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  9. My favourite colour for any season, not orange but burnt orange ..,,all my travel bags are in that colour...Baleciaga weekender in rouille, Francesco Biasia weekender burnt orange and tangerine XL Longchamp.......not what you are looking for though...just to share my love for the colour and for both Bottega Venetas
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  10. Ferragamo Sophia, about $500 US preloved
  11. My most used summer bag is an orange BV Cervo hobo, I have taken it everywhere from national parks to the beach to the summer art shows. It’s a beautiful casual summer bag, it’s not for everyone but I love mine.

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  12. Will you please find me one, thank you. I’d ask for yours, but I can tell it’s pretty attached to you. :flowers:

    ETA Sorry, OP - the BV Cervo Hobo is my all-time favorite bag, -and- I want orange as well. :heart:
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  13. Mulberry, but I don't think of it as summer. It feels more like fall to me.
  14. Brandearauction from Japan on eBay has one, mine is a bit too loved, desperately needs a good spa.