Help me find a Brown Vintage ligne tote

  1. I have been browsing through the reference forum and once again have fell in love with something from seasons ago..
    I bought a vintage ligne small tote in black because I so loved the style- but have never gotten the bag- (USPS lost the damn bag- thats another story- funds are tied up with that-claim pending):cursing::cursing::cursing:

    ANyway I love the large square tote in that lovely brown/chocolate color.. and its been on my mind for the last view weeks,.. I want, I want.. I know Chanel and Neimans are out of them.. I did not get chance to call Saks, but if anyone has a lead on one, I'd sure like to hear about it..Maybe someone had one on stand-by and it needs to be put in inventory....I checked eBay (last resort) and there are none.....
  2. You mean the dark brown? There are two browns, a lighter reddish brown and a darker burgandy brown.

    You may be able to find the latter at Saks. Contact Damien, DJO here on this forum. He may be able to track one down in Sak's system.

    NM Newport Beach had the lighter brown; it supposedly sold but sometimes customers cancel or return so I would check there. I think I'm the only person on the forum who has the lighter reddish brown but find it is really warm toned and looks great with my pink and peach tops. It's earthy. I'd love to see the choco IRL because I'm not sure the color photographs true in pics.
  3. thanks ROEY and thanks for the clarification.. I had been looking at your picture and the other ones and I knew that they were not the same color, just wasnt for sure..
    I do love both the colors, Yeah I Damian would knowm he found a bag for me before, I will gve him a shout out tomorrow.. I hoping on a return.. either one is nice for me..
    thanks again
  4. one more ?
    would you say the ligher brown is an summer color..or could it be a all year color- i like ot have all year bags...
    also how do you like it as far as carrying and storage and weight ?
  5. The lighter brown could be worn year round although some may view it to be more fall/winter due to the puffy leather. I live in AZ and chose the color because it has a warm, rustic, desert, earthy feel. It blends into the scenery here. I'm not sure I would have been happy with the dark brown but it certainly is a fav among PF'ers.

    It holds a ton, holds it's shape, is super lightweight (yet not flimsy) and easy to carry. Honestly, I am glad I didn't pass this up and believe me, I waivered A LOT. Passed up the black last fall, the choco last fall, and when my Nordstrom s/a told me this past March that she had one left in the company in brown, I bought it. All the reservations went away when it showed up at my door.

    I really hope you can find one! I'm sure there's a lone VL in a stockroom somewhere crying in it's dustbag for a home.