help me find a blue glacier first?

  1. I had my heart set on a blue glacier first (Aloha Rag had them as of a few weeks ago) and was ready to make my purchase today but have now discovered that they're all sold out of blue glacier. Does anyone know where I can find another blue glacier first?

    Thanks so much for your help!
  2. oh NOOOOOOO. i've been plotting since july. got distracted along the way and just got a Work from them :crybaby::sad::crybaby::sad:
  3. This morning I called:

    Saks Boca Raton
    Bal NY (they have the City and Day and BG but no First)
    Mix in Houston
    Kirna Zabete in NY
    Jeffrey NY
    Joan Shepp in Philadelphia
    Louis Boston
    Capitol Clothing in NC
    Neiman Marcus Paramus

    ...none of them have it

    I haven't hit the West Coast stores yet because it's too early. But if anyone has any tips - even about where I should try - I'd really appreciate it.

    Thank you!!!!
  4. Cultstatus in Australia has blue glacier firsts and citys. I'd give them a try if you're really hankering after the colour and are willing to pay more than US prices for it.

    Good Luck and do update us! =)
  5. I was sent their inventory and they do have FIRST in Blue Glacier but it is very pricey (AUD$1695/AUD$1541 w/out tax)

    Good luck

  6. ^^That seems a lot, although I don't know the exact conversion rate.
  7. Yeah, $1541 AUD is about $1412 USD - plus there may be additional customs charges?

    Thanks for your help though, ninjaiphile and aki_sato. I decided to order a marine first instead. I haven't received it yet, but I'm hoping that I'll like the color.
  8. Just saw one on eBay! Good luck! =)
  9. Yeah, I saw that - but the starting price is $200 over retail and the BIN is $300 over retail. I'm hoping that once I see my marine first, I won't feel the need for a blue glacier anymore.

    Thanks for keeping an eye open for me!