Help me find a black handbag!!

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  1. I'm not sure if anyone remembers but a while back i was asking everyones opinion on the versatility with this bag (pictured below ---got the picture off ebay--- it's not my actual bag).

    Well after hanging onto to it for a couple of weeks i've decide that it is not versatile enough for me. I love the bag because its very original looking but I'm going to have to return it because I've determined that the fur is too "trendy"


    Now I need your help to find a basic black bag. I need to be able to wear it on my shoulder and I need it to be leather. Other than that I have no idea what to get. Any suggestions?? I want a substantial sized bag. I already have plenty of small bags and clutches for going out. The bag pictured about was about 16-17 inches long and it was perfect.

    My new bag needs to be my standby black bag that I can pull out anytime and it will make me look and feel great and always be in season. (yes I do wear black purses in the summer :toung: ) Basically a classic bag.

    Oh--I prefer the bag to cost under $500. Under $400 would be even better, but I'm reasonable. HELP :blink:
  2. I know you said under $500...but how about $566? hehe

    Mini Holster Bag $566.00

    Featuring a studded wraparound strap, roomy main compartment, and supple Italian calfskin, the Mini Holster is the best of Botkier in a beautifully sleek size. Two exterior pockets keep everyday necessities at your fingertips, while a tasseled zipper pull finishes the look in signature globetrotter style.
    Soft Italian cowhide
    Polished hardware
    Two studded exterior flap-pouch pockets with magnetic snaps
    Studded wrap-around belt with polished hook closure
    Zippered main compartment with tasseled pull
    Two open compartments on either side of main zippered compartment
    Folded leather shoulder straps; 8" drop
    Botkier logo interior with two patch pockets and a zipped pocket
    Protective metal feet at bottom
    Measures approximately 12" x 7.5" x 4.5"
    Made in the USA
  3. Kojiko, I've never been fan of the mini-holster. The actual holster is so much cuter and more functional.

    Here's some nice Black Botkier on ebay right now - I've looked over the pictures and they check out.

    I think you can get the full-sized Holster for the starting bid of $285.
  4. It looks like it might be too small. is there a larger version? Its okay if its over $500. i just want to find a bag that makes me drool when i see it
  5. Oh yeah don't forget that I HAVE to be able to carry it comfortably on my shoulder while shopping.

    You guys know how much a pain in the but a top handle bag can be while you're trying to carry 5 shopping bags :weird:

    I'm getting exited. I know its just a matter of time before someone posts a pic of the bag that I will melt for. :smile:
  6. Humm.. let me think.

    Looks like everyone is being pretty helpful thus far!
  7. Funny thing is....with my huge closet of bags....I don't own a black bag. I have black totes and black clutches but no every day bag in black.
  8. [​IMG]


    $525 (the medium size is $425)


    All from

  9. Ooh ooh I love the third and the fourth one.:love: I recognize the last one as being a Kooba. But what is the third one? i have to get online to take a look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:nuts: